Monday, January 30, 2012

First Days

Today was my first day on my new project in New Jersey, working at a pharmaceutical company.  I have grown to appreciate my first days on projects.  For one, it's nice to have some new faces and a change in work -- especially if you didn't really enjoy the previous job.  And you get a whole day of people not expecting you to be able to answer all their questions. 

But, I still fought those first day nerves that I always experience.  Playing the game -- Do they like me? Do I like them? Do they like me as much as I like them? Will I fit in with this team's dynamic? And on and on.  Every first day of school I ever had left me feeling as if a swarm of bees had taken over my stomach.  Mother called it "butterflies" but it always felt more like a sting than a fluttering.  And at some point every first day of school, I remember it would hit me like a ton of bricks -- summer is gone! How will I ever survive a whole year before the next summer break? How could anything be so terrible? Life is just so very unfair.  Poor me.  But somehow, life went on, and I made it.  Thank you, Jesus.

I think I will always be one to get a bad case of "butterflies" before my first days, regardless of how many I encounter.  And I don't know why when they have always gone great? Yep, never had a bad one.  No sirree.  Definitely not like this one girl I remember from my first day of high school.  She was a shy brunette carrying a stack of books and wearing a skirt walking through the courtyard.  And then she fell down the steps in front of the cool group of senior guys.  Sucks to be her, I thought.  Who knows where she is now...

And like my first day at Accenture back in 2007, when a bright eyed young lady of 22 years of age was first in line at the breakfast table with around 20 gentlemen lined up behind her.  And she gently placed a croissant and fruit upon her plate as she reached for the pitcher of orange juice.  And then she poured the pitcher on the breakfast table.  Oops.  I bet she felt real dumb.  At least she got a dry croissant.  I wonder whatever became of her?

Well today was very nice and I am incredibly grateful for it.  And after a pizza dinner, some work, and 5 minutes of channel surfing between The Bachelor, Teen Mom, and Hoarders, I have sufficiently seen enough females crying at one time and will call it a night.

Good luck to you on your first days :) May God give you the courage you need to tackle them!

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