Monday, January 30, 2012

Gym. Tanning. Laundry.

Hi Blog, I've missed you! We got back to NY last week and then hopped on another plane to NC for my grandmother's funeral (which was beautiful).  But this week it is back to work, yoga with Kathryn, and a normal gym routine.

Just typing g-y-m intimidates me.  But I did give myself the New Year's Resolution of becoming a professional body builder and being able to hold my own in all the bar fights I get into, so it looks like the gym is the starting point.  Fortunately, I had the foresight to take my personal trainer down under with me to get my NYR underway.  He's really handsome and has great moves.  You may have met him before.

If given the option between singing in public and a sesh at a crowded gym where everyone knows what they are doing, I would choose the former.  It just intimidates me and I can't put my finger on why exactly.  But Brian has helped me master a few go-to exercises which already have me feeling 60% more confident when I go to get my workout on.

I have a feeling I am not alone in my gym intimidation and I know all you gym masters are hating people like me who are taking over your Y's and spending 10 minutes turning the elliptical on.  So if you haven't taken that first step to your NYR of working out yet, then SLACKER because it's almost February I wanted to share my go-to's that will have you feeling like you own the place in no time.
  • Arrive.  Apply lipgloss.
  • Turn on your Walkman.  Or if you don't have a Walkman/Discman, turn on your ipod.  Whenever I am trying to look busy, I just pretend I am searching for the perfect song.
  • Get a sip of water, grab your towel, and assess the situation.
  • Do you need to sign up for a machine (elliptical, treadmill, etc.)? If so, sign up.
  • Go over to a corner, grab a mat, and stretch.  This will loosen you up and allow you to conquer any nerves while looking like you know what you are doing.
  • Machine still not available? No problem.  Or as the Australians would say "no worries, mate."  Grab some free weights and go to town. 
    • My favorites (aka the only ones I know how to do):
      • Curls - Do 2 sets of 10 on each side, alternating between left and right.
      • Lunges - Ditto.
      • Tricep kickbacks - With your left foot on the floor, your right knee on a bench, and your torso parallel to the ground, pick up a small weight (5 lbs or so).  Bend your arm at the elbow, and straighten it behind you for 10 reps.  Then switch arms.  Do 2 sets.
      • Military press - Feet shoulder width apart and a dumbbell in each hand, push the weights straight up until your arms are straight.  Pause and bring back down.  That counts as one.  Do 2 sets of 10.
      • *Abs - See the BEST ab workout ever below if you are interested.  Fantastic and takes no time.  I prefer it to P90X ab workout.
  • Get on the elliptical and have some real fun.  For as long as you can stand having that much fun.  Make sure you are drinking lots of water! And whenever you want a break but not look like you are doing that because you are dying of exhaustion, pretend there is something so interesting on ESPN (because you know that will be on) that you just have to pause to watch it.

And that's all I got.  Which probably made reading this a waste of your time.  But I plan to get more.  A LOT more.  I start my new project in NJ tomorrow, so it's back to nights in hotels where my only options are Real Housewives or the gym.  We both know what I would naturally choose...but the new and improved Sara will be watching Real Housewives...while AT the gym.

*Quick and great ab workout that will change your life:

Workout ball
  • Pot Stirrers - 
    • You start this workout with your toes on the ground and in a plank position (push-up position) with your forearms/elbows firmly on the workout ball about shoulder width apart. 
    • Roll the ball forward with your elbows until the crease of your elbow is at eye level.
    • This is where there are two options.  First is to just hold this position for 10-15 seconds.  The other option is to slowly move the ball in a clockwise motion so that you are using your side abductor muscles more (this is very hard).  You will feel this in your abs and lower back.  
    • Only tips I have is if it is easy, move the ball further upward (towards the top of your head).  Also, make sure your body is in a straight line in the push-up position or you are kinda cheating.
    • Do 3 sets of these with a rest in between each.

  • Knee Raises -
    • This is kind of the opposite of the previous workout.  You want to be in a push-up position again, this time with your hands firmly on the ground and the tops of your feet/ankle area on the top of the workout ball.
    • Pull your knees up to your chest keeping them as close to your body as possible as you raise them, and hold for a second there before returning to the resting position.  
    • You should feel this in your lower abs.
    • Tips are once again to keep as straight of a back as possible, keep your knees close to your chest, and to hold the crunch at the top for a second or two.  That is where the biggest workout is.
    • This can take a time or two to get used to because its a bit awkward but you will get it.  Do it 10 times for a set, and 3 sets.

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