Monday, January 9, 2012

If you don’t like your Mondays

I know exactly what you are going through right now.  Mondays are just. plain. rough.

Ok, that was mean.  So I'll share some normal Monday mornings to make up for it.

Monday mornings summer of 2000 were spent cleaning toilets in apartments after people moved out.  I learned an incredible amount from my cleaning job – fantastic techniques and every word to Lil Kim’s songs.  Now I truly value cleaning and would challenge anyone to a toilet scrubbing contest (except watch out because it is possible to bleach a white seat brown…oops).  In 2003, I would spend Mondays sweating at the drycleaners and tagging clothes.  In 2005, my Monday was spent feeding children breakfast and watching Spongebob, which was definitely the hardest of all my jobs.  There is nothing more exhausting and rewarding than childcare, people.

A normal Monday over the past year consisted of a 3:30am wake-up followed by a snooze button fest for about 30 minutes…which Brian just LOVED.  Dragging myself to get ready and thinking about whether or not I remembered to call for a car the night before.  Oh I forgot? Cool.  I’ll just trek down the dark streets of NY with my luggage searching for a cab at the primetime for crime.  Thirty minutes later, arrive at Laguardia and experience the lovely frisking from TSA.  Quick walk to the Dunkin Donuts to grab a couple of chocolate glazed for the wait.  Hopefully there will be a weather delay and I can pick up a couple of Boston Creams.  Catch the flight, arrive at worksite, hunt down rental car shuttle, rent car, and head to the office.  Sit like a zombie for 30 minutes and try to remember my name.  And if it’s a really good Monday, I gained a few hours on the trip over and will get to work some extra time (sarcasm or not here…I’ll let you decide). 

So, I decided I needed a little pick me up for my Mondays because I was spending way too much time thinking about how terrible they were.  Thinking about how Blain has it much worse (she is at work providing power for all of the world by 3am every day) only gets me so far and then I am back to wallowing in inexcusable self pity.  Well friends, not really an easy one for me, but I decided to spend my rides to the airport catching up on email and facebook stalking you.  While waiting on my flights, I truly try to appreciate every bite of my delicious Dunkin Donuts.  And the flights over now begin with a prayer for safe travel, reading something inspirational, reminding myself that I am grateful for a job, and thinking that I will be using all these frequent flyer miles for something fun.  Does it fix my Monday Morning blues? Not entirely.  I still miss Brian, my bed, the dogs, my bed, the past weekend, my bed, friends, and my bed.  But it does HELP. 

Which gets me to the title of this…if you don’t like your Mondays, DO something about it.  Do whatever you need to in order to resist the temptation to wallow in self pity and misery.  Because that will overcome you and undoubtedly determine the course of your day, which leads to the outcome of your week, which follows you into the weekend, and starts back over on Monday.  Find value in what you are doing and do it with purpose. It may be hard to see at times, but there is intrinsic value in EVERY job out there, regardless of how big or small it may seem.  

So cheers to hoping this Monday can be better than the last!

And since Evie deserves a much better post than I had in me today, hers is still coming :)


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DT said...

I've been following Sara's blogs for the last 3 years now, and I can say without any hyperbole that she is the best writer of her generation. Keep up the good work S!

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