Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mother Knows Best

Other than "I love you," the last thing my mother told me before leaving for Australia was, "Promise me you won't go in the water!" And since I'm only 27 yrs old, I decided to listen.  Ahh the temptation of the fruit...the water was just too beautiful to resist and I got a little reminder that you shouldn't break promises to your mother.

I almost died yesterday.  By "almost" I mean that for 30 seconds, I thought death was to be my outcome.  I know what you're thinking...'Sara survived a Great White attack!' Or maybe, 'Sara saved a small child from the jaws of a giant croc and almost lost her life while doing so!' Alas, no. I was attacked by...

Yes, that's a jellyfish.  But not just any jellyfish...a Blue Bottle! Which is actually not dangerous.  But I THOUGHT it was a deadly Irukandji, which is extremely dangerous.

Yesterday, we set out to surf in Surfers Paradise (think Myrtle Beach but with waves).

I was hanging out, waiting for a wave with my new 12 yr old friend, Cameron, who was asking what we call jellies in America.  He was actually asking about the edible kind but I said "jellyfish" and not two seconds later did I feel a tingling and see the Blue Bottle floating beside me.  My first thought was, 'that's what I get for not listening to mom.'  I guess at that moment I thought I deserved death for not listening.  Thinking back, maybe that was a little extreme.  But, I dragged my board in and told the lifeguard an iricondi had gotten me.  He look at me strangely and asked if that was some kind of snake.  After a few minutes he realized I was trying to say "Irukandji," told me I would live, and gave me some coconut oil.  All was right in the world.

Moral of the story: Always listen to your mother! 

Or maybe, all's well that ends well? Your pick :)


dkirkward said...

Hilarious Sara! Hope you guys are having a great time down there.

Mary B. said...

As a mother, just to know that you Listened to your mother's words of advice is music to Every mother's ears! :) Even if you didn't follow her know that you listened and heard her, gives every mother hope that our words of advice do not ALWAYS land on deaf ears! More mother's advice....Stay away from the Irukandji
BTW-Beautiful Pics of the ocean and shore in the down under! Thanks for sharing your excellent adventure!!!!!

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