Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution #537: Start blogging (as long as I can keep it semi-interesting)

Well, I'm doing something I NEVER thought I would do...start a blog.  The idea of putting your thoughts and feelings out for others to read scares me a bit, but lately I’ve been bored at work had the desire to keep one, so here I am.  Since this goes against everything I am naturally comfortable with, I think it's a challenge the Lord has inspired me to tackle.  I have always believed that life experiences are given to us to bring us closer to God and determine how to serve Him better.  And in recent years, I have come to understand they are also given to us to bring people into our worlds and relate to those who may be facing similar joys / struggles.  

My hope for this is that I “keep it real” and share more than just the fun things going on.  And I hope my words will be pleasing to God and convey my gratitude for the life He has blessed me with.  Maybe I’ll even include some recipes.  I know...surprise! I cook and it's apparently edible.


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Katie Tedder said...

Aww, I love this!! I can't wait to follow you and B-ri on your adventures. Hope I can survive a work day without you on communicator :)

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