Friday, February 24, 2012

But I deserve it

 There IS a red carpet beneath me, yes?

I flew to Phoenix yesterday and
did. not. get. upgraded.
I was shocked, and actually bitter when I went to check my flight and saw the word "coach."
I deserved first class.  Right?

When I first started traveling with work, I had zero status.
I never got upgraded and I was excited anytime I was able to get my carry-on into the overhead bin. 
And I told myself as I watched the Zone 1 boarders clamor to the front of the line as if the plane were going to leave them, that I would never become that...

Well, many thousands of miles later and the rise from a nobody to a Chairman Preferred traveler turned me into exactly who I never thought I would be -
someone who felt entitled to the plush seats and unlimited alcohol of first class.

I guess that's the funny thing about getting what you think you want.
Sometimes it turns you into something you never wanted to be.
There's probably a quote or more eloquent way to put that,
 but I don't have the words for it today.

After I overcame the shock of my seat, and my shock of thinking I was entitled to it,
I thought 'what a little b*tch.'
And then I added "give up cussing" and "give up upgrades" to my Lent objectives.
I deserve nothing.
I deserve pain and unhappiness if anything.
It is only by the Grace of God that I have anything at all.
And if receiving upgrades turns me into someone who expects it,
then that is something I need to remove from my life.

What are you trying to shake for 40 days?
Work maybe?
Because that's another one of mine.

In other Phoenix news, Mr. Big from SATC is at our hotel and chilled at the pool with me today :)

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