Friday, February 24, 2012


Becky, Becca, Mariana

Last weekend was filled with exciting news and celebrations...

Two of my dear friends/sisters from college, Becky & Mariana, got engaged!

Oh and no, not to each other, although they do love each other.

Randi, Becca, Mariana, Me, Becky at Roomie's Wedding :)

Thursday night, I went out to dinner with some girls to celebrate sweet Becca's 26 years on Earth. 
Dear friend, I am so glad you were born!

As we were leaving dinner, Becca got the call that Becky and Matt had gotten engaged!
These two are such genuine individuals and were made for each other :)
We walked to the bar with gigantic smiles on our faces talking about how excited we were.

Friday, we had dinner with John & Kate (not plus 8...yet!) who met at Accenture training after we all joined in 2007.  They are now married and we love spending time with them in the city. 
Kate almost got asked out by her doctor on Friday, so we had lots to chat about ;)


On Saturday...I cleaned, cooked Blain's delicious chili, caught up with some friends, and went to bed early. 
It was glorious.
But before I fell asleep, I saw the exciting news that Mariana and Jacob had gotten engaged while skating at Rockefeller Center :)

On Sunday, we enjoyed a fantastic service and actually got to see the happy couple a mere 12 hrs after she said "yes." 
Becca got us together for brunch and we stared at her beautiful ring and talked about weddings the entire time.
Brian and Jacob loved every minute.
My own personal hell would consist of middle school, taxi cab brakes, and planning weddings.
But I could talk to someone about their own wedding planning for 24 hours a day.

We also reminisced about the first time we ever heard about this Jacob fellow.
The email went something like this:
"So, I'm at the pool and these two guys walk in and walk past where we are sitting and I am literally stalking one of them with my eyes, drooling when he takes his shirt off and just can't take my eyes off him for the next 30 minutes..."

It was a graphic fun email to read.
I responded with,
"Y'all are totally going to get married!"

So, there you have it.  I am clearly the one to thank for this union.

I tried to get her to pose with the ring, but she would have none of that :)
But let me just say, it is gorgeous!

 I am thrilled for all these wonderful people and can't wait to see what the future holds for them.

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