Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy S.A.D.!

As much as I appreciate the oxymoron of “Happy SAD”, I really don’t care for the fact that “Singles Awareness Day” has the initials of “S-A-D.”  What’s so sad about being single? Instead I think that if you don’t have a special someone in your life this February 14th, consider it SCD – Singles Celebration Day.  There is a lot to be said for having the capacity to appreciate all the other love in your life – the love of your family and friends.  And there is never a reason to feel like you are low on love, because you always have His love.  And His is the only true unconditional love in the world <3.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s or SCD.  If you don’t have anything better to do tonight, consider watching the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’…which is absolutely terrible. 

“Since God's compassion starts new every morning,
you will never reach a point where his supply of love is exhausted.”


Laura said...

I had a GREAT SCD 2012! Spent making pasta with marinara sauce, watching my 2nd episode of Gossip Girl, and in the bed with the lights (AND TV!) out by 8:30pm! I live such a happenin' life for a 27 year old :)

Sara said...

Sounds like my kinda night :) Minus the cooking maybe! xx love you

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