Monday, February 13, 2012

Ski Weekend

A group of Brian's classmates organized a weekend ski trip, so this past Friday, Brian and I hitched a ride with our dear friends, Dionne and Emeka, and headed up to 
Killington, VT for some skiing. 
We absolutey love them and were very excited for some quality roommate bonding time. 

We missed having Tom and Lindsay bunk up, but how could they turn down a room with artwork like this? Don't look too closely now.

I warned you.

I should first mention that I was very sad to miss this special lady's birthday celebration. 
But fortunately, I was able to help her celebrate last weekend with the other special birthday girl, and will do it again on Thursday :)

We arrived late on Friday night and were quite pleased with the cozy mountain condo.
As you can see, our weekend was pretty romantic...

Saturday came, and we woke up early to hit the slopes. 
The morning was going surprisingly well.  It was around 25 degrees and there was actually some powder on the trails.  I hadn't skiied in a few years, but was picking it back up quicker than I expected to, trying my hand at some moguls.


Well, the afternoon was a bit of a regression, to put it nicely.  I renamed myself Snowplow Boehm for the day and reverted back to ski 101.  And I don't really know how it happened?? At first I blamed my boots for being too tight from their long vacation in my ski bag.  And then I was convinced that maybe the fact I was so cold was to blame.  And at some point, I'm pretty sure I blamed my new mittens for my demise. 
Yes, last time I checked, mittens had little to no influence on one's ski performance. 

I was pretty miserable after a couple of bad spills on the ice. 
You know the kind -- ski poles in one direction, lone ski in the other, ego completely shattered. 
But did I let that get me down? 
Of course I did.  
And I also, in a fit of frustration, claimed that I was going to
switch. to. snowboarding.  *Gasp*

If I were Brian, I think I would have pushed me off the side of the mountain. 
I was not fun to be around as I felt like snapping my pole in half.  But he was extremely patient and tolerant as I was coming to terms with the realization that I looked like a beginner...
that all my years of skiing and loving it had somehow disappeared. 
I actually can't remember being that frustrated with an activity in a long time...
maybe ever. 

Well I ended the day on a high note, by surviving. 

And enjoyed a brief nap on the couch before dinner with some wonderful people. 

Yesterday, I concluded the trip by forfeiting skiing in 10 degrees for breakfast with Dionne and Lindsay while our men braved the cold one last time.

All in all, a very fun weekend with intermittent moments of distress.

I'm taking away an important lesson from the weekend. 
And no, not to switch to snowboarding. 
As I was sliding down the mountain on a sheet of ice, I had two options:
give up and walk down the mountain (which I felt like doing). 
Or suck it up, change my attitude and make the most of it, remembering that there are worst things than being embarrassed and not succeeding. 
Sometimes we win some, and sometimes we lose some, and that's just the way it goes. 
All we can really control is our attitude and how we handle a situation. 
I'm disappointed in my skiing this weekend,
but I am far more disappointed in my attitude about it. 

How do you cope with the frustration of learning/re-learning something?
Hopefully better than I. 
And hopefully I redeem myself next time :)

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