Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I woke up yesterday to warmth and sunshine after a reallllly long night of sleep (it was amazing) to discover I could pinch Brian all day until he put on something green. 

Kate sent me an ecard with an Irish dog and Dad sent me a picture of a four leaf clover
he found in the yard (he finds them everytime he looks). 

I then caught up on some reading, a little work, and ventured into a Pilates class. 

I had a pretty calm night but made it out to dinner and drinks.  

Before bed I got to see the most adorable thing ever...

And as I wrote this, NC State just won the game against Georgetown!
Good news for our team and good news for my bracket.

I don't put a lot of weight in "luck" and the Irish haven't had much of it lately. 
But I'd say my St. Patty's Weekend this year was pretty great...and I'll take that kind of "luck" anytime. 

Hoping you had a lucky weekend as well :)

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