Friday, March 2, 2012


Why is my Blog so ugly, you ask?

Because I'm color blind?
Because I have bad taste?
I like to think no.
Because I enjoy making your eyes hurt?
Actually it's because I don't know anything about graphic design and computers just stress me out. 
So, I told Brian the other day that I am determined to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing.
No idea.  I think I am going to need someone with experience. 
Any takers?

In the meantime, I will try to make up for it with pictures of beautiful Scottsdale.

Brian and I went to Arizona last weekend so he could go through his final interviews at a real estate investment company.  He hasn't made any decisions yet, so we are by no means packing up and moving out there next week.  I need at least a month to dye my hair blond and have some plastic surgery. 
I jest, but have you seen the women of Scottsdale? Remarkable.
So, we shall see how things play out over the next couple of months. 

They were very kind -- flying me out as well and making our weekend getaway possible.

I beat Brian at chess.  False.

I beat Brian at putt-putt.  False.

I beat Brian at drinking coffee.  True.

I was also forced to spend some time at the pool with Mr. Big.

Watching a 55+ yr old actor play with his 3 year old child and nanny is one of the more interesting people watching experiences I have encountered recently.
Sadly, I respected his privacy and did not take pictures. 
I was a bit star struck, even though I heard he lives 6 blocks away.
Something about seeing him on vacation unexpectedly was pretty exciting. 
Plus, I have lived in the city for almost two years and the closest I have come to seeing a celebrity was the mean girl from Jersey Shore at Whole Foods.  Oh sorry, my description was vague.
I'm referring to Angelina who got kicked off twice.  Does that count?

It was a very relaxing weekend and we had a wonderful time doing very little. 
So much of what we have been talking about lately is plans
Plans for tomorrow, plans for the month, plans for the next couple of years. 
Sometimes you just need to stop with the planning and spend some time taking it all in. 
Spend time just living and finding peace
All the plans will work themselves out in time.

Hope everyone had a blessed bonus day yesterday :)

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