Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Bird Story

A story about our encounter with the Kea - a native bird of New Zealand.

Look at this view! Let's stop and take a picture or 100.

Oh my goodness.  Do you see that beautiful bird sitting there? I wonder if I can get close to him.

He's not afraid of me at all.

Look, he has a friend!

Hmm, his friend is walking towards me.

I wonder if I could take him home to Mom...

She's always wanted a pet bird.

Maybe I can feed him this plant...

Oh here comes another friend. 

Why did he bite my pants? 
(not captured on film)

Now he is chasing me.  I should distract him with food.

Maybe I should hide in the car?

On second thought...

He is inside the car.

Ok, let's coax him out and back onto the mirror at least.

And maybe we can encourage him to jump off if I tap against the window?


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Ashley Smithson said...

I am riding the light rail to work (its like a library in the mornings) and just had to awkwardly stifle my laughs after reading this post. Hillarious!

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