Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Only in NYC...

Rainy Tuesday in the city (Union Square)

Only in New York will you see a woman walking towards you wearing a camera, bookbag, bucket hat, pants, boots, and a drawn on french mustache. 
Notice I made no mention of a shirt. 
That was not an accident.   

I can't think of another place where your favorite restaurant AND drycleaners disappear overnight because they didn't pay their landlord...
R.I.P. Friendhouse and Fancy Cleaners.

I saw a man walking 11 dogs yesterday. 
I tried to take his picture for y'all, but he saw me and I felt like a creeper.

And this morning, a girl asked me if she could use my phone to call 911. 
Since I am super afraid of the bystander effect I learned about in psychology (where individuals don't stop to help in an emergency because they think someone else will do it), I offered to help. 
Turns out she was fine and a guy had run into her on the subway. 
She thought an ambulance might help.

Only in NYC...
I will miss the craziness of it so. 
There is no other place with quite the same pulse. 

But, tomorrow Brian graduates!
Two years have passed by so quickly.
Sad to see it go, but so excited to have him re-enter the working world.   
I'll be sure to post pictures of him in his purple gown :)
He will love that.

(Stolen from Spooner)

Happy Wednesday!


Robert and Danielle Smith said...

Congratulations to Brian and yourself for surviving business school. I know we can't wait till we are in your shoes next year! CONGRATS!

Blain said...

Congratulations Brian!

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