Thursday, June 7, 2012

Become Psychologically Flexible

Things look a little better over here, don't ya think?
Hannah from 17 in heart did a beautiful job with the facelift! 

How are things? I just haven't been in a writing mood lately.  I have yet to upload the pictures from NYC and at the end of the work days lately, have not wanted anything to do with a computer. 
C'est la vie.

But, I got a little inspiration yesterday! As I sat in the doctor's office, I picked up a Ladies Journal and quickly skimmed the pages. 
I came across the best article that instantly motivated me to become psychologically flexible
Essentially, we are happier and more fulfilled in life when we strive to let go, embrace, and teach our minds to be flexible. 

Last night as I dined with some fine ladies, we got to chatting about dogs.  Now, I love EVERY dog, and not only do I love every dog, I love every animal period, with the exception of centipedes and cockroaches.  But I have always considered myself to naturally be more of a "big dog person".  As we prepare for our move to Arizona, where I will likely make frequent flights back and forth from the west coast to the east, easily traveling with a Great Dane may prove to be somewhat impossible. 
But why do I have to be a big dog person anyways?
Because I told myself one day that I was?

I think I dislike football.  I got it in my head nine years ago that football is not for me and can only be enjoyed after an over-consumption of alcohol and cell phone games.  After I decided that football was not for me, I gave up trying to enjoy it.  Instead I sit there and create new challenges like "how much food can I consume during one game?" and alternate between pizza and nachos. 
But, why do I have to dislike football?
Because I told myself one day that I did?

I am a big dog person who dislikes football because I am not psychologically flexible in many ways. 
Unable to see myself in a new light and embrace a new challenge, due to determining I am not the type of person to do that or like that. 
A football game is 4 hours of my life! I can do anything for 4 hours and so can you. 
How many great times do we miss out on because we refuse to let go, embrace, and teach our minds to be flexible?

Cheers to becoming psychologically flexible
I have no doubt doing so will add years of fun to life :) 

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