Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New York State of Mind: Home Sweet Home

Now that I've wrapped up my marriage series, I think I will recap the last month of our NYC lives in pictures -- our move out of the city, the apartment we loved, Brian's graduation and surprise party, family visits, weddings, etc.  Stresses me out just remembering it.  One evening at the beginning of May, I remember looking at Brian and laughing to hold back the tears when I wrote out my to-do list for the month.  I truly did not know how God was going to provide enough hours for all the things we needed to do, combined with the fact I was gone every week for work.  But He provided! Like He always does.  And May was undeniably the busiest month of my life thus far.  So busy I had to give up all my Real Housewives...a real travesty, I know.  Brian was just devastated.

In August 2010, Brian and I packed up our first home together in Charlotte and moved to the big city.  The new apartment was about half the size of the first place and less than half as nice.  But I loved it twice as much! It had character, was filled with a fresh start, and was located in the heart of Manhattan.  I would take it to every new city we move to if I could.  

A look back at the journey...

On a hot day at the end of July, we started packing up at 1206 Trademark.

Sorting through what we would leave and what we would take.  

Paisley made the cut.

So did all the pillows.

Brian begged me.  How could I say no?

The next day we moved out.  

And said hello to the highway!

Stopping along the way for a picnic and self timed pic.

And then I stole the keys to the moving truck...

And we made the journey into the city after an overnight stay at Aunt Meg's.

We pulled up to our building,

Went inside 5D,

And began sweating because we had no AC units.

But we fought through the heat and settled in.

The lobby of our building.

The bathroom greeted you when you walked in the door.

And if you took a left, you walked down the narrow hallway...

...into the living area.

And there was so much sunlight during the day!

And I ALWAYS kept it this clean.

Which is an absolute lie.

And I spent all my time in the kitchen.

Which is also a lie.

And then back down the hallway, past the bathroom...

...to our room at the end.

We loved living here for the 2 years it was home.  

But as quickly as it began, it seemed to end...


And we packed everything back up...

And moved out the next day.


But not without a little Sara&Brian drama...

Because we didn't get a large enough truck and had to drive the Penske to Uhaul to pick up a trailer.

But all's well that ends well, and it was time to take one last picture and say a teary goodbye.

And bid our city farewell.

 Hello, Arizona!


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Love this! :)

Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Such a NEAT idea! Can't wait to visit AZ again :) Xxx

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