Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Finally.

I am pretty excited it's Friday.  This week felt incredibly long, largely in part because missing Brian seemed to take root.  I am counting down the days until next Thursday when I will be able to wrap my arms around him and know he's safe.

On Wednesday night, I headed to Princeton, NJ, where we had a work event.  My very fun team and I then proceeded to bar hop to where all the smart kids hang at places like "Alchemist Barista" and "Ivy Inn".
Ivy Inn being Princeton's definition of a dive bar.  I imagine Princess Kate could relate to it...

It was by far the most impressive karaoke I have ever witnessed.  I believe the entire Princeton choir came out for the night and rehearsed beforehand -- Adele, Frank Sinatra, and a very intense rendition of one of my favorite songs, "Dream On".  The night got even better when a girl gave me her number.  And email address.  And work email address.  It was her birthday so I didn't break the news she probably wouldn't hear from me.  Instead I bought her friends a round of shots...their request? Patron.  Welcome to Princeton.

I tried to envision what my college life would have been like at a place like Princeton.  I imagine very different, but there is no way for me to say that for sure.  Students there seemed to do the same type of things they do anywhere -- drink, and umm drink, and maybe drink.  I tried to remove the ivy league stereotypes from my brain since I did go to the Princeton of NC -- Go Pack!  But it felt different...there is really no other way to describe it.  And maybe it's in part because I'm 75 years removed from college at this point? Either way, we didn't leave without breaking it down to Spice Girls in the parking lot on our way to run around the middle of Princeton's (stunning) campus.  I don't run so I watched while the guys left their mark on the university.

Just the usual work outing. 

I will be summing up my thoughts on the lesson I learned in marriage that made the light bulb flash bright for me.  I believe it single handedly changed the way I will approach it for the duration of my life.  It's so simple and yet so life changing if you apply it...

It will take me some time to write since I want to be concise yet not miss any of the important things.  I re-visited the book on my flight home yesterday and was filled with an immediate sense of gratitude for the way it affected my heart. 

Can't wait to share it this weekend :)  Happy Friday!

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