Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MMS: Fifty Shades of Temptation - Part II

Well I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but time slipped away from me. 
How is it Friday already? I don't know, but I'll take it. 
I want to direct you back over to Twirl (you should really just read everything she has ever written, because it is beautiful), to read Laura's very wise sentiments on protecting your mind and avoiding the temptation that thoughts can bring. 
Probably the one lesson that no matter how little or long you have been married, will be a struggle that never disappears.
Because we are humans, and we are flawed.
And so often it takes a mistake or poor decision to highlight our personal weaknesses, and the recovery process is far more painful than the prevention would have been.

I don't want to be a hypocrite, and you will understand why I mention this once you read the post.  But I feel I need to call out that I have read Fifty Shades of Grey. 
I started it not realizing there was any real controversy behind it.  Seemed harmless enough...whips, chains, S&M.  I even recommended it to friends.  I guess I was living under a rock, but even after seeing some articles, mainly from the Christian perspective, denouncing it, I still continued to read. 
Finished it even.  And began book 2. 
I am mixed on how I feel about it.
Guilty? Maybe.
Intrigued that it has garnered the popularity it has? Definitely.
(Real men don't talk about food or email that much)
But, I know better than to think it is really harmless.
It is absolutely a slippery slope and one to be approached with caution.
Popular and fun things usually are. 
And anything labeled "an escape from reality" has yellow tape all over it.
But...I continue to come up with a mixed opinion and it isn't even from a place of feeling like it's a book I can't put down, because that isn't the case either.
Maybe because I think that it could be used in a positive way?
If you are able to protect your mind from the ways it could wander that are negative?
But I don't know...tough one.  I am very curious to know what others think about it -- both the for and against.


Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

Oh I am so glad you shared! (the part about you reading). I worried that me sharing that I chose not to read it would come off as a call to boycott the book, but that definitely wasn't my intention. I didn't know how to address it in that post that I still can't quite articulate- that we all struggle with things on different levels and protecting your mind starts with being honest with yourself about what impacts yours. I think it's so much about being honest with ourselves about our sin struggles, not denying the temptations, and being proactive in eliminating the things in our lives that threaten us. It's like some people feeling like they shouldn't drink at all because it is a slippery slope, but me feeling fine about a glass of wine or two. How do we know which one is right? I get stuck on that, and I wonder a lot about how to keep from crossing into a postmodern mindset about sin (what is right for you is right for you, and what is right for me is right for me). I have been thinking about Hebrews 12:1 a lot since I wrote this- "let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles...", and wondering what in my life I need to throw off. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and your honesty about the book! I love it!!

Sara said...

Laura, thank you so much for writing the words you did. And I do not think it came off like a boycott at all! I hope mine didn't sound like everyone should be sitting down with their kids at night to read a little fifty shades. That verse above really says it so well and is something I need to spend some time thinking about. I still struggle with my thoughts on the book as a whole. Thank you for sharing and for letting me share my thoughts on it too! xx

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