Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Present Ideas (for those you love most)

I interrupt my marriage series to share with you some gift ideas for that special someone.  I always wait until the last minute take my time picking out the perfect presents.  On my flight this week, I decided I would get a head start on Christmas shopping, thanks to the little gems for sale in the airplane magazine, SkyMall.  I really want to give family and friends the one thing I know they need most. 
Maybe this will help you get some ideas as well?

For my girls:

So you can go on a 12 day trip with one outfit.

For my Sissy:

These just look like you. 
Now you can keep your signature style and be comfy at the same time.


For Michael:

Because every frat house needs one of these.  And dogs could use it too.

For Greg:

Pretty Practical. No explanation needed.

For Holly:

So Evie will grow up with a proper understanding of what a wizard looks like.


For my mom, who has turned our backyard into a little slice of heaven:

I can't decide which one of these says "I love you" more...

Probably the zombie.


For the jet-setters, Dad & Steve:

Because you can so easily travel with this.


For Mary's Mini:

Who doesn't want eyelashes on their car?


For my dedicated co-workers:

May peace and relaxation find you.


And a special something for the hubby...

You're all welcome.

photos courtesy of SkyMall


Laura said...

Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I literally just LOL'd at work reading this! My fave is the sleep support on the plane - - I saw that back in June on my flight to KC and thought "really?! what would I do if someone popped that thing open beside me?!"

Sara said...

i know right! where do they come up with these things?

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