Thursday, August 2, 2012

!Adios, Espana! - Barcelona Edition

We have wrapped up the majority of our adventures in Spain and stayed quite busy putting our Spanish minors to use with phrases like "hola," "gracias," and "habla ingles?" since we are sadly 'those Americans' expecting everyone to speak English.  I just figured out yesterday that I have been pronouncing "gracias" the Mexico way the entire time.  I don't even remember learning there was a difference although Brian swears we were taught this in more than one class. 


It's true that if you don't use it, you'll lose it. 
It's also true that if you don't pay attention or do your homework in class, 
you won't have it to use in the first place.

5 cities, 4 trains (sleeper train story to come), 2 rental cars, 1 boat, and not nearly enough showers later -- we landed in northern Africa -- which has been hard for me to swallow, honestly.  And I'm in cupcake Africa where there is enough food, clean enough water, and children are loved and cared for.  Morocco is worlds away from the States as far as lifestyle goes, but even further away from what central and eastern Africa are like.  But I will save my African feelings and experiences for another post when I am more emotionally ready to go there.

Where was I? Oh Spain, yes.  
It's been a whirlwind but magically we have only had one casualty along the way...

Which is pretty remarkable if you ask me considering what a heavy packer Brian is...

As for me, my stuff is neatly packed in that little brown bag.  

Well all of it except my shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, and dresses which may or may not be what's in the blue bag.

In other news, I had forgotten what little European children were like....fortunately.  But have been reminded along the way that they absolutely call all the shots.  
Like a mini tornado tearing across a field at lightning speed with no charted path of damage.  In fact, as I wrote this, one just pressed his face against my window and rubbed his chewing gum on the glass. His mom just looked at him as if this were normal.

For anyone who was curious, we have added a couple more years to the kid plan.  

Barcelona below!
And all that was standing between me and a nap was this blog, so captions are limited :)

La Boqueria Market


I would like to live on a pirate ship.  With Brian.

Park Guell

La Sagrada Familia
Has been in progress for decades and decades and is not expected to complete until 2050.  
We have seen our share of European churches and this was by far unlike anything we have ever seen.  
The pictures do not come close to doing it justice.

Tapas and sangria.

 Hugo Boss for Becca & Lauren :)

Casa Batllo

(Gaudi built this house, the magnificent cathedral, as well as the park above)

The "I love you, but I don't like you right now" chair.

The "Ok I forgive you" chair.

Next stop, Madrid :)

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