Monday, August 13, 2012

Brian's Last Week

Yesterday kicked off Brian's final week in NC.
I surprised him with something new in the bedroom.


He's off to pick it up as we speak, he just couldn't wait to see it.

I thought completely re-doing some modifications to the bedroom might help the move to AZ become a little more exciting. 
I can honestly say I am looking forward to moving 99% because I'm anxious to redecorate.

But back to Brian's last week. 
He went on his annual golf tournament titled "TYC" with 40 of his friends from high school this past weekend.
There was an arrest.
Fortunately, it wasn't Brian.
He's always claimed they get horrible cell phone reception on this trip to Pinehurst.
I'm thinking this was a plan devised by all the guys five years ago to avoid frequently checking in. 
Wives, who's with me on this?

Last night, we got together with all my cousins and their significant others to celebrate my cousin Anna's engagement.  Growing up, my mom's family did everything together, and our dinners always provide a great deal of entertainment. 
Aunt Genny provided us with individual toasts for each person.
This included MB's knee surgery.
A toast to knee surgery?
Why not!
My family believes in toasting to everything.

We then oooed and ahhed over the houses my aunts and uncles are building/remodeling. 
I wish we could move in with y'all!
Especially since we don't have a place to live yet.
They have done almost all the work themselves and it is truly stunning.

We missed you, Kate, but don't worry, there was a toast in your honor.

On Saturday, we will celebrate Evie's first birthday and then Brian will hop on a flight to AZ. 
I'm so glad he's gotten to experience such a fun break from the real world.

Cheers to Brian's last week in NC :)

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Laura said...

Congrats to Brian on his new adventure! Don't want you to go but excited to come visit soon!

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