Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Blog,
I have neglected you.

Dear Co-worker,
I am still embarrassed for you from the conference call when your Lil Wayne ringtone went off.
I am also still concerned that people thought it was mine.

Dear Sweet-Friends-Who-Had-Me-Over-For-Dinner-This-Week,
THANK YOU.  Sorry I only contribute take-out or wine. 
NOT THANK YOU for making it so hard to want to move in a few weeks.

Dear Lauren K,
I'm sorry that I brought bad luck to your new camera.
And thanks for teaching me how to use the one I have owned for a year.

Dear Roomie,
Looking at your wedding pictures makes me want to go back to 6/12/10 :)

Dear JT,
When you called me this week and told me you are coming to AZ soon, my week was made!

Dear Evie,
How are you almost 1? I cannot believe tomorrow is your first birthday party. 
Weren't you just born yesterday? Stop growing up please.

Dear Lauren A,
I can't believe that despite all our efforts, your wedding date changed :)

Dear Fingernails,
You are ugly and I'll be painting you tonight.

Dear Work,
Let's try to be less work next week.

Dear Bri,
Please don't move tomorrow!


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Lauren K said...

You didn't bring me bad luck! I hope you have some good pics to show after the party. You and Brian can just move into our guest room and forget about work! :)

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