Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Monday Flight Attendant,
You made a young girl cry when you pulled a 'Meet The Parents' moment, not even TRYING to accommodate her suitcase (or even letting me or anyone else try) on the plane and I am still displeased with your performance.  She said "I thought this was America" which kind of makes me want to crawl under a desk and hide. 
*Reminder to self: You are always being watched, so think before you speak/act and try not to make negative stereotypes prove true.

Dear Thursday Flight Attendant,
You were a complete smartyouknowwhat and should consider a job where customer service is not the focal point.

Dear Sara,
Switch. Airlines.

Dear God,
Please show us where we are meant to live this weekend!

Dear Lance,

A very high up exec at our company blasts out a "Friday Thoughts" email each week.  It is not about work, it is basically a blog about whatever he feels like writing.  I liked this week's and wanted to share it with you.  A reminder of where the true heroes are :)

A small part of me died last night….

It is a story we desperately all wanted to believe in…. a young man rises from a broken home to become one of the world’s top athletes….. only to be struck down by cancer at the age of 25.  He overcomes the odds and recovers….. then miraculously returns to win one of the most punishing athletic events in the world  - 7 times in a row !

At the same time he establishes a cancer foundation to give back to the community that supported him… the ubiquitous yellow wrist bands become a way we can all support cancer victims…..  we glossed over the challenges of his personal life and celebrity relationships because he was a hero ….and dedicating himself to helping others….

Yesterday he gave up the fight of the illegal doping charges against him that have been dogging him for 15 years…..

…. There is the popular story that a small boy yelled out to Shoeless Joe Jackson after the trial of the 1920 Black Sox scandal…… Say it ain’t so, Joe !! ……

…..Say it ant so, Lance…..

…. I felt the same way as the Joe Paterno story painfully unfolded ….

….I am feeling a little sick…. I am sad….. and hurt ….. something special has been taken away from me…. that small, invisible source of inspiration that glowed deep inside has faded away.

…There is a small hole where admiration once lived…. a tiny dark spot where of cynicism and doubt are taking hold…. I am feeling duped… stupid and na├»ve for even wanting to believe….

…. My mind is casts about to find that hero… that truly principled leader…. rock solid values of honesty and hard work and dedication and fairness and selflessness …. brave, humble, dedicated to their family…… fighting for a cause, defending the underdog…..

It is more than idolizing someone….. more than living a fantasy…. Somehow I need these role models to inspire and guide me….. I need someone that sets that shining example….  Establishes the highest benchmark of what is good and right in our world… and what I should be…..

My mind scans the world….. sports, politics, religion, journalism, entertainment business…….. there are few worthy of true admiration… I am afraid now to latch on to anyone…. I don’t want to be duped again…..

Perhaps our heroes of the past were really not that perfect …. Maybe my past heroes…. FDR, JFK, Jonny Unitas, Cal Ripken, Walter Cronkite, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong could not stand up to the overwhelming scrutiny of today’s media ….

But there must be heroes out there… maybe not perfect….  not famous….. but I know they are there…..

I know there are teachers giving themselves to struggling students ….

I know there are soldiers who leave their families and risk their lives for something they believe in….

I know there are special nurses, firemen, priests,
policemen, coaches, athletes, business leaders and volunteers out there

People who are honest and brave…. Dedicated and selfless….. fighting for the underdog and stretching themselves to be more than they were yesterday….. people that are worthy heroes …. and a worthy source of inspiration…..

I know they are out there …. Maybe I am just now learning that my best heroes will most likely not be on ESPN or CNN or The New York Times …. I need to remember that I walk by them every day in the airport… or in the store….

My very best to Lance and Joe… and all the others….. it’s time I recognized the heroes around me every day ……

Courtesy of W.S.



Dr Chad said...
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Dr Chad said...

Got linked to this via Ashley's blog...

You never know what sitting around on a Saturday afternoon may yield. I learned today that two old friends write well-written, endearing, interesting blogs.

Hope all is well, Sara.


PS - I also learned that I need to proofread so that I don't have to post a comment, see the grammatical error, delete the comment, and then repost it : )

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