Thursday, September 27, 2012

For the Cure...

Following yesterday's pity-party-post, I received some very sweet and encouraging messages.
Which made me feel 10000 times better about not having friends out here. 
It was so encouraging in fact, that I washed my hair AND went to the grocery store!
See what uplifting words can accomplish?

A few weeks ago, one day apart, Brian's grandmother and my dear friend's mother were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Two of the strongest, sweetest, most giving women I know, which makes it all the more clear that God has a plan for their journey through it.   

Race for the Cure in Charlotte is right around the corner and Anni has set up a team.  I feel strongly that when you give to one team, you are giving to all teams, and I want to encourage you to make a donation -- big or small -- to this team or another one -- and hopefully we will see a cure in our lifetime.

Donate to Diane's Destroyers!

Thank you :)

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Anni said...

Hi Sara!
I am so sorry to hear about Brian's grandmother but so thankful that you put this on your blog! My mom is doing GREAT and we've exceeded our goal for donations. I am so hopeful to see a cure in our lifetime! Thank you, thank you, thank you

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