Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too Many Boxes, Not Enough Friends

A bit dramatic of a title I know.
I wish I had a good excuse for my blogging disappearance. 
Such as, "I've been busy hanging out with all my many friends in Arizona!"
Or, "I have unpacked all the boxes and organized everything!"

I've really just taken up shop on the couch and spent hours watching anything that comes on TLC, including but not limited to:
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  • Secret Princes
  • Breaking Amish
  • Abby and Brittany
  • 19 Kids and Counting
I could now tell you anything about conjoined twins, the Amish, or how to homeschool 19 children at once.  That's what happens when your husband goes on business trips and you work an east coast schedule that has you ending midday.

And you're lazy.

Thank goodness Jennifer Tal came to town and took me to dinner.
I haven't even made it to the grocery store yet.

I am in need of an intervention and FRIENDS.
This will be the first time Brian and I have been on our own to make new friends without any "help" from anyone.  It actually is quite ironic...

In 2009, a young couple moved into the condo beside ours in Charlotte.  They were not from the area and moved without knowing anyone at all.  I reached out well in the beginning, and really enjoyed our coffee and dinner dates.  But as time went on, I got more and more comfortable not extending an invitation, going about my business, and hanging out with my college friends.  I really dropped the ball on developing that friendship, because frankly, I didn't need it.  That sounds horrible I know, but it was the truth.

They moved out in 2010, a couple of months before we left for NYC.  I was sad to see them go and regretted the poor job I had done at making them feel at home in CLT.

Well guess where they were from, and moved back to?
Phoenix, AZ.

They are now the only people we know here.
And I can't help but want to laugh and cry at the irony.
I was not a good friend; can I expect them to want to welcome me with open arms out here?
I would give a lot to be able to go back and make the effort to be kinder, welcoming, and better.
But, no can do unfortunately.
So, I will have to say a prayer that they will show me more kindness than I showed them.

Funny how things work out, huh?
It's a good reminder to reach out to others when they are new, don't feel comfortable, or don't have friends in a situation.
You never know when the roles will be reversed :)


Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

Oh that is too funny. Can't wait to hear how you settle in. You'll find friends in no time, I have no doubt!

Katie Tedder said...

Has Dad ever told you his connectivity theory ;) haha love you and miss you!!

Denise Lopatka said...

Oh my goodness Sara I love you. I know how it feels to be on your own with the hubs - Matt and I did the first year of marraige. Force yourself to randomly talk to people and ENJOY this time together. It will not last forever.

And I love your honesty. beautiful post and I am praying for you guys!! xox

Anonymous said...

ohhh roomie, i have NO doubt that you will find friends so so quickly. you are one of the sweetest, most caring, loving & generous ppl i know, and anyone would be SO lucky and blessed to have you in their life & as a friend. i know i am :) 2 short weeks, i will too know how you feel...the countdown to Richmond is on..ahh!

Ashley Smithson said...

Awww 'Tots! Luckily, you and Bri are completely charming and fun, so it won't be long before you're making gaggles of friends! Love & miss you!

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