Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Please Excuse My Absence

I disappeared this past week to celebrate weddings and engagements (pictures to come) and to enter into WWIII with the common cold.  I also thought it seemed like a great time to watch the movie, Contagion, which may or may not have had me thinking I contracted a rare and deadly virus.
Don't worry, I didn't.  It was just a cold. 
Note: I am really sorry if I gave this to you! But I will deny it was me, blog post aside. 

Fortunately, I happen to be in Kernersville where there is no shortage of pampering or soup.
I've gone through roughly 10 boxes of tissue.
Mom says I waste them. 
I say I have a really bad cold.

On more than one occasion, I begged Dad to revisit the pharmacy for the "right" kind.

Do you see a difference? To the layman, these boxes may look equal (ugly pattern excluded). 

They are not. 

Kleenex/Puffs PLUS LOTION are the absolute only tissues your face should experience. 
Otherwise, just go to the hardware store, pick up some sandpaper, tell your nose you hate it, and have fun with your cold. 

I don't consider myself one who cares much about name brand things.  I don't buy expensive shoes and any nice purse you see me with is either fake or courtesy of my mother-in-law.  But this is important.  So important that I spent time writing about it and posing those boxes to attempt a decent picture with my Zach Morris phone.  Don't cheap out on your tissues.  Even if your husband makes fun of you.

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Blain said...

Ted! Feel better soon! Tell the family hello and I am glad you are getting some TLC in Kville! Love you and miss you already!

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