Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go-Karts and an Army Man

On my short flight from Greensboro to Charlotte Monday, I sat beside a twenty-something guy flying to Ohio for work.  He used the word "sucks" over 25 times before we were in the air.  He had not one positive thing to say the entire time he talked -- work sucked, traveling sucked, hotels sucked, long hours sucked, traffic sucked, exit ramps sucked.  Everything seemed to suck and none of it sounded like it mattered.

I nodded politely until I had my chance to pretend to fall asleep. 
Until he woke me up from my fake sleep to tell me more.
It was all I could do not to tell him that he sucked.

Listening to him got me thinking about how miserable it is to hear someone complain all the time.  Which made me realize, I have been doing my fair share recently about AZ. 

But I woke up yesterday, decided to fight off any negative thoughts about this place, and start making it feel more like Fall.  When it's 95 degrees out, it's easy to forget that it's October, but I am doing my best to embrace my favorite time of year.

Brian made it even better when he came home early from work and said we were going to do something fun.

Batting cage! My first time.  The helmet made me feel brave.

Then I dominated go-kart racing.  Brian says he won, but clearly we see who was at the front of the line.

There he sweet, handsome loser.

Or maybe I came in after and went into that lane...I don't know.

50 cents and five minutes later...

I took home the grand prize of an army man :)
Thanks to my skills at winning water gun racing against only myself.

It was a fun little evening.
They won't all be like that, so I can't complain even on non-arcade Tuesdays.
But just waking up and making the decision to enjoy it here changed my whole perspective on the day.

How do you stop yourself from complaining?


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