Friday, December 7, 2012

Invisibility Cloak! Coming to a store near you

Brian showed me the most amazing video ever last night.  Are you ready for this? Because I am pretty sure you have never seen anything this cool.  Unless you watched Harry Potter.

Can you believe it? I am so excited I can barely put it into words.  Can you even imagine having the power to be invisible??? To stalk with such ease and access?

As I watched, visions of floating between houses, sneaking into movies, etc. popped into my mind.  
The song, "I'll be watching you" was the soundtrack...

But don't be scared.  You won't know I'm watching you.

As exciting as this is, and as expensive as I'm sure it would be, can you fathom the power this would give someone? What normal, legal, non-creepy purpose does one really have to be invisible? I can't think of any.  I guess I will wait until they come up with a way to fly.

Curiously, I asked Bri what his magical power of choice would be.  
I expected the usual -- ability to live underwater, time travel, etc.  
Instead he said the lamest power I have ever heard...

Brian said he would have the ability to make everyone see things his way and win them over.
Reference: Abraham Lincoln.

*Sigh* He probably wouldn't have been the most fun child on the playground, but what can ya do?

I quickly told Brian that he already has that power.  Which I think he does despite angering a man or two.  But the more I thought about this lame power, the less lame it seemed.  What if what we said, did, liked, who we voted for, etc. didn't change the way people thought of us? What if regardless of how different we were from one another, it never mattered?

We watched the movie, Lincoln, on Wednesday and I was caught off guard by how approachable, interesting, likeable, and respected he was.  He was able to talk to anyone -- children, adults, republicans, democrats -- and even if they didn't agree with him, they genuinely respected him, and actually liked him.  He would say very little, yet left people speechless.  He failed so many times in his life at so many things that a normal person would have just thrown in the towel.  And yet he powered on to become president and to pass my favorite amendment (also the only one I remember) -- the abolition of slavery.  
Truly a remarkable human.  

I would still choose flying.  
But that wouldn't be so bad to have either.  
What would your power of choice be?


Katie Edwards said...

This is so funny! I have to share that video with Thomas' brothers!

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