Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Foto Flashback 1

I opened my daily devotional this morning to December 18th and stopped.  I don't know how it hadn't hit me until today just how close to Christmas we are?!?  And even more surprising is that we are a mere 14 days out from 2013! Where has this year gone? What was it like for you?  In some ways it feels like just yesterday that we were kicking off 2012 -- anxiously awaiting the fireworks, eating some bad nachos, wrapped in Bri's arms, chatting about what blessings and challenges 2012 was going to bring.  I don't remember what we said but I would guess we didn't get much right.  Some of the things I anticipated being the easiest turned out to be the hardest and the same is true for the reverse.

The feelings of nostalgia (did I use that word right?) drove me to relive the year through pictures for a solid hour and I thought I would share some of my favorite things that I forgot were my favorite. Today I bring you the New Zealand petting farm Brian forced me to go to.  As for me, I was begging to go cliff jumping, but Brian just loves feeding farm animals so I obliged.  I distinctly recall completing the customs form to return to the States on the plane and spent at least ten minutes trying to determine how to answer the question: Have you been in contact with livestock? Umm yep.  Fed em, pet em, hugged em.  Oops?

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