Monday, December 3, 2012

Unicorns, Royal Babies & Ghosts

Lots of news out today and I don't know which to be more excited about...

Story 1: Princess Kate is having a baby! Word on the street is it could be twins.

Story 2: North Korea discovered a unicorn lair! And see it has to be true because they found this cave that says "Unicorn Lair" on it.

In other mythical news, Brian took me to a haunted inn this past weekend in a cute little town called Prescott.  I didn't see any ghosts but I stumbled upon a few things that managed to scare me more.

Do you notice anything strange in the next few pictures?

Perhaps an assortment of creepy dolls, taxidermy cats and a shrine to felines?
The story is that a woman named Abby was sick and when her husband didn't return with her medicine, she grew very depressed.  She wouldn't leave her room in the inn and died there with her cat.  
In honor of them, guests will bring cat toys and other items to decorate the room she died in.  

On Saturday, Brian and I decided to do a little light mountain climbing.

What? They don't look like us? They both look like men?
Nope, definitely us.

And then Brian took me to see Poison.
Actually it was Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but it might as well have been an 80's hair band.
Pretty impressive really, but very different than I expected.

It was a wonderful weekend :) I hope yours was too.

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