Friday, February 24, 2012


Becky, Becca, Mariana

Last weekend was filled with exciting news and celebrations...

Two of my dear friends/sisters from college, Becky & Mariana, got engaged!

Oh and no, not to each other, although they do love each other.

Randi, Becca, Mariana, Me, Becky at Roomie's Wedding :)

Thursday night, I went out to dinner with some girls to celebrate sweet Becca's 26 years on Earth. 
Dear friend, I am so glad you were born!

As we were leaving dinner, Becca got the call that Becky and Matt had gotten engaged!
These two are such genuine individuals and were made for each other :)
We walked to the bar with gigantic smiles on our faces talking about how excited we were.

Friday, we had dinner with John & Kate (not plus 8...yet!) who met at Accenture training after we all joined in 2007.  They are now married and we love spending time with them in the city. 
Kate almost got asked out by her doctor on Friday, so we had lots to chat about ;)


On Saturday...I cleaned, cooked Blain's delicious chili, caught up with some friends, and went to bed early. 
It was glorious.
But before I fell asleep, I saw the exciting news that Mariana and Jacob had gotten engaged while skating at Rockefeller Center :)

On Sunday, we enjoyed a fantastic service and actually got to see the happy couple a mere 12 hrs after she said "yes." 
Becca got us together for brunch and we stared at her beautiful ring and talked about weddings the entire time.
Brian and Jacob loved every minute.
My own personal hell would consist of middle school, taxi cab brakes, and planning weddings.
But I could talk to someone about their own wedding planning for 24 hours a day.

We also reminisced about the first time we ever heard about this Jacob fellow.
The email went something like this:
"So, I'm at the pool and these two guys walk in and walk past where we are sitting and I am literally stalking one of them with my eyes, drooling when he takes his shirt off and just can't take my eyes off him for the next 30 minutes..."

It was a graphic fun email to read.
I responded with,
"Y'all are totally going to get married!"

So, there you have it.  I am clearly the one to thank for this union.

I tried to get her to pose with the ring, but she would have none of that :)
But let me just say, it is gorgeous!

 I am thrilled for all these wonderful people and can't wait to see what the future holds for them.

But I deserve it

 There IS a red carpet beneath me, yes?

I flew to Phoenix yesterday and
did. not. get. upgraded.
I was shocked, and actually bitter when I went to check my flight and saw the word "coach."
I deserved first class.  Right?

When I first started traveling with work, I had zero status.
I never got upgraded and I was excited anytime I was able to get my carry-on into the overhead bin. 
And I told myself as I watched the Zone 1 boarders clamor to the front of the line as if the plane were going to leave them, that I would never become that...

Well, many thousands of miles later and the rise from a nobody to a Chairman Preferred traveler turned me into exactly who I never thought I would be -
someone who felt entitled to the plush seats and unlimited alcohol of first class.

I guess that's the funny thing about getting what you think you want.
Sometimes it turns you into something you never wanted to be.
There's probably a quote or more eloquent way to put that,
 but I don't have the words for it today.

After I overcame the shock of my seat, and my shock of thinking I was entitled to it,
I thought 'what a little b*tch.'
And then I added "give up cussing" and "give up upgrades" to my Lent objectives.
I deserve nothing.
I deserve pain and unhappiness if anything.
It is only by the Grace of God that I have anything at all.
And if receiving upgrades turns me into someone who expects it,
then that is something I need to remove from my life.

What are you trying to shake for 40 days?
Work maybe?
Because that's another one of mine.

In other Phoenix news, Mr. Big from SATC is at our hotel and chilled at the pool with me today :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Brian paid me a little visit on Monday night in NJ for an early Valentine’s celebration.
I had never planned Valentine’s before, so it was a fun way to switch things up.
Unfortunately/fortunately, Whitehouse Station does not have a plethora of ways to get into trouble,
so my job was easy…delicious food and BYOB.

Post dinner, we retreated to the luxurious le Courtyard de Marriott which I call home each week.
Brian had brought me my Valentine’s Day gift from my parents this year – a Kindle cover!
Not quite as stylish as the shoe bag I have been using, but the light is a nice addition.
Brian showered me with chocolate, fun surprises, and one of the sweetest cards he has given me.
It always amazes me that he can find something kind to write that is different than past cards.
I couldn’t have asked for a better day before Valentine’s Day.
I guess I love any occasion when I don’t have to buy myself chocolate.
Thankfully, Mary usually has a chocolate surprise for me whenever I go to NC J

I got to thinking about past Valentine’s Days and here are some of my favorites & the ones I’ve spent with Bri:

1995 – I had gotten a calligraphy pen at the bookfair and decided it would be fun to write a lengthy message to all of my classmates on my snazzy animal Valentines.
1996 – My parents gave me a pet hedgehog! His name was Sonic and he was adorable.  I wanted a guinea pig desperately and they said no.  So, Mom found me a picture of a hedgehog and I was hooked.  I carried the picture around for months and came home on February 14th, to find a spiky little new friend waiting for me. 

2000 – My school started a semi-like-pyramid scheme selling flowers.  For a bargain of $2 a pop, they would deliver either a white, pink, or red carnation to whomever you had deemed worthy.  Talk about really rubbing it in.  I need to ask my cousins if they still do this.
2005 – Brian told me that he was madly in love with me and couldn’t live without me.  Ok, maybe he just told me that he liked me…but I know what he really meant.
2006 – Brian gave me crabs.  Hermit crabs that is.  One was named Speedy and he moved back into the sorority house with me.  He loved his Aunt Lee Jones J
2007 – I don’t remember
2008 – Brian took me skiing
2009 – Brian took me to Paris!

2010 – Jackie & Michael's Engagement Party and a snowy weekend at Ballantyne Resort
2011 – Night out in NYC
2012 – Whitehouse Station, NJ! Holla!

It doesn’t really matter where you are or what you do.
Valentine’s Day at the Eiffel Tower really wasn’t any more special than the one where B gave me crabs.
It’s just nice to celebrate the love in/of your life <3
And eat some chocolate.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy S.A.D.!

As much as I appreciate the oxymoron of “Happy SAD”, I really don’t care for the fact that “Singles Awareness Day” has the initials of “S-A-D.”  What’s so sad about being single? Instead I think that if you don’t have a special someone in your life this February 14th, consider it SCD – Singles Celebration Day.  There is a lot to be said for having the capacity to appreciate all the other love in your life – the love of your family and friends.  And there is never a reason to feel like you are low on love, because you always have His love.  And His is the only true unconditional love in the world <3.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s or SCD.  If you don’t have anything better to do tonight, consider watching the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’…which is absolutely terrible. 

“Since God's compassion starts new every morning,
you will never reach a point where his supply of love is exhausted.”

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ski Weekend

A group of Brian's classmates organized a weekend ski trip, so this past Friday, Brian and I hitched a ride with our dear friends, Dionne and Emeka, and headed up to 
Killington, VT for some skiing. 
We absolutey love them and were very excited for some quality roommate bonding time. 

We missed having Tom and Lindsay bunk up, but how could they turn down a room with artwork like this? Don't look too closely now.

I warned you.

I should first mention that I was very sad to miss this special lady's birthday celebration. 
But fortunately, I was able to help her celebrate last weekend with the other special birthday girl, and will do it again on Thursday :)

We arrived late on Friday night and were quite pleased with the cozy mountain condo.
As you can see, our weekend was pretty romantic...

Saturday came, and we woke up early to hit the slopes. 
The morning was going surprisingly well.  It was around 25 degrees and there was actually some powder on the trails.  I hadn't skiied in a few years, but was picking it back up quicker than I expected to, trying my hand at some moguls.


Well, the afternoon was a bit of a regression, to put it nicely.  I renamed myself Snowplow Boehm for the day and reverted back to ski 101.  And I don't really know how it happened?? At first I blamed my boots for being too tight from their long vacation in my ski bag.  And then I was convinced that maybe the fact I was so cold was to blame.  And at some point, I'm pretty sure I blamed my new mittens for my demise. 
Yes, last time I checked, mittens had little to no influence on one's ski performance. 

I was pretty miserable after a couple of bad spills on the ice. 
You know the kind -- ski poles in one direction, lone ski in the other, ego completely shattered. 
But did I let that get me down? 
Of course I did.  
And I also, in a fit of frustration, claimed that I was going to
switch. to. snowboarding.  *Gasp*

If I were Brian, I think I would have pushed me off the side of the mountain. 
I was not fun to be around as I felt like snapping my pole in half.  But he was extremely patient and tolerant as I was coming to terms with the realization that I looked like a beginner...
that all my years of skiing and loving it had somehow disappeared. 
I actually can't remember being that frustrated with an activity in a long time...
maybe ever. 

Well I ended the day on a high note, by surviving. 

And enjoyed a brief nap on the couch before dinner with some wonderful people. 

Yesterday, I concluded the trip by forfeiting skiing in 10 degrees for breakfast with Dionne and Lindsay while our men braved the cold one last time.

All in all, a very fun weekend with intermittent moments of distress.

I'm taking away an important lesson from the weekend. 
And no, not to switch to snowboarding. 
As I was sliding down the mountain on a sheet of ice, I had two options:
give up and walk down the mountain (which I felt like doing). 
Or suck it up, change my attitude and make the most of it, remembering that there are worst things than being embarrassed and not succeeding. 
Sometimes we win some, and sometimes we lose some, and that's just the way it goes. 
All we can really control is our attitude and how we handle a situation. 
I'm disappointed in my skiing this weekend,
but I am far more disappointed in my attitude about it. 

How do you cope with the frustration of learning/re-learning something?
Hopefully better than I. 
And hopefully I redeem myself next time :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bungee Fungee

What a terrible blog post name. 
You should probably stop reading right here because it's such a corny title. 
Then again, I know you are curious about that cool chair I'm sitting in...

Remember when you were little and were asked what magic power you would choose if you could have one? Well I was always torn between being invisible and having the ability to fly.  Being invisible seemed like a great idea since I could follow people around and spy on them.  Totally not creepy I know.  And flying...well who doesn't want to fly?

The closest flying options seem to be bungee jumping and skydiving so Brian and I had decided to try one of these little adventures while in Queenstown.  My vote was skydiving and his was bungee.  Since bungee was invented in NZ and because I am such a sweet wife, we agreed it made more sense to go that route.

So....we picked the tallest of course.  Have you ever met Brian? Because he would never choose anything less than the scariest option available.  Besides, if you are going to be nervous regardless, might as well go big.  But it really wouldn't have mattered if it were 40 ft. or 400 ft., I imagine it's the same rush either way.

And it was truly nothing short of amazing.  
The night before, I was so anxious I didn't know if I would be able to jump.  
The morning of, I had such a sense of peace about it, I could barely wait.

It was exactly what I needed.  The first 3 seconds contained thoughts of panic as the ground was looming beneath me, and the next 5 were sheer joy.  And after I got myself flipped back up, I soaked up the quiet, serene scenery, thought about my grandmother, and felt deep peace and gratitude.  It was one of the best moments of my life. 

I unfortunately don't have Brian's pictures on this computer, but will be sure to add them once I do.  He paved the way for me by making the big jump first :)

Enjoy! (FYI - there is sound to the video)

If you have the opportunity to do it someday, I hope you will take it.  And if you don't find the opportunity knocking on your door, consider seeking it out.  Unless you fall into a swamp filled with crocodiles (which apparently happened the week before we went), I guarantee you won't regret it.