Friday, January 4, 2013

My Two Words

Oh hey, 2013.
You can stay awhile.
Especially since you are starting off with me not working and instead waking up at 10am and having tea with mom.  Still in robes, so no pictures of us this morning.

After I finish this, I will head upstairs to shower, pack, and then go visit my recently engaged BFF.  I am already thinking of ways to prolong the next few weeks.  To say I am not ready to return to work would be a huge understatement.  Yes, I have spent half of my break being lazy...but I feel like if I could just have a few more months, I could realllllly do some great things with it.  I would definitely not spend it eating chocolate and watching RHOEverywhere.  No sir.  Not one episode.

Once I have made a decision about what I want to change, I tend to overthink it, overanalyze it, and end up doing exactly what I have always done anyways.  I can spend weeks, months, and years dreaming about something only to waste all my energy and never change it at all.  It can be exhausting and leaves me with little more than a feeling of being unsettled.  Not fully enjoying the decision I made and wondering what the alternative would have been like.  This has been on my mind a lot lately as I debate what's next for wise, family wise.  Is it time to pursue the next stage of life? Time to focus on something I want professionally? Do I even know what any of that looks like?

I have seen a lot of posts and did some investigating into a book that explains the "my one word" concept.  Basically it means that instead of making resolutions we find difficult to keep, choose one word that is your motto for the year.  I decided I like this.  I am still going to keep my monthly resolution plan, because it is a little more specific to some goals I have for myself (read: cook), but think I will take this project on as well.  

I couldn't decide on one word, so instead I am inventing my own "two word" concept.
A few I am toying with:

Embrace challenge.
Make changes.
Choose happiness.
Feel content.
Be joyful.
Like Arizona.


In order to decide on my two words of 2013, I am reaching back into my schoolin' days to pull out an old familiar enemy... the decision tree! Is that even what it was called? I don't remember but I know I despised it.
I am going to make a list of what I want to accomplish this year and use that to determine what my two words should be.

What is your plan for making 2013 count?


Buchanans said...

Hi Sara! Everything sounds so exciting! I wanted to let you know that our church group did the one word last year. It was very challenging to pick just one word (mine was pause) but leaving sticky notes around the house seem to help :) good luck with your year!

Sara said...

I love that idea! I will need all the help I can get putting it into practice. And I love the word "pause". I'm curious what your word for 2013 will be :) xx

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